We create warm moments!

Cold is one of the least pleasant feelings you can experience. Gløde has a wide range to prevent these unpleasant moments. No more cold moments with Gløde! View the range below. Want to learn more about our technology? Take a look at the most popular heated and cooling clothing from Gløde below.

Heated clothing during cold temperatures

The heated Gløde clothing is made of high-quality materials and is suitable for various target groups. Whether you are a hiker who walks a lot in the mountains or are always cold. Glode is the solution!

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Heated body warmers

Gløde's high-quality heated body warmers keep you warm during cold moments. Wear our bodywarmer outside or inside!

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Gløde Verkoelende jas

Comfortable during warm temperatures

Do you always suffer from the heat? Then the Gløde cooled jacket is the solution. With fans in the jacket and different settings, you'll never be too hot. Ideal during hot days.

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Verwarmde Kleding tegen rugklachten

Ideal for back problems

Gløde offers various solutions for back problems. For example, we have a specially designed back warmer with a massage function and various other clothing that heat exactly in the right place on your back. We have already helped several people with relieving back problems.

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Heated clothing for business use

Do you currently sell workwear that is also intended for cold conditions? Then the Gløde range might be a nice addition to your current range. At Gløde it is possible to make special arrangements for business customers. Please contact us to discuss this. Gløde, your business partner for heated clothing including heated gloves and heated jackets.

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