Collection: Heated Jacket

Looking for a jacket with heating? Then quickly read more about the heated jacket from Gløde.

Heated jackets

Are you always cold when you are outside? Is no jacket warm enough and could you use some extra warmth? Then maybe Gløde's electrically heated jackets are something for you! The electric jackets heat up to 50 degrees Celsius. Are you looking for an electrically heated body warmer?

Electrically heated jacket

Power bank heated jacket

All jackets in the range are Gløde are heated by a normal 5V power bank. This power bank can also be used to charge your phone. With the standard power bank that comes with it, you can even use the jacket while charging your smartphone.

Lower the heating in the house

If you have an electrically heated jacket from Gløde, you can turn the heating down. Because the elements in our jackets ensure that the temperature around your body can rise up to 50 degrees, you can lower the heating by a few degrees without feeling cold. This is good for the wallet!

Safe heated jacket with heating

All jackets are safe to use. This is because the jackets are all waterproof. A jacket can therefore simply be worn when it rains outside. Moreover, both the power bank and the jacket have a protection that protects against overheating.

Jacket with heating against back problems

Gløde's heated jackets are also good for back problems. The jackets are all equipped with a heating element that is located on the back. This keeps your back nice and warm when you go outside and all your back problems will decrease.

Electric jacket for the cold

The electric jacket from Gløde is intended for the real cold. Are you always cold outside or do you always have cold hands? Then the electric jacket from Gløde is really something for you!

The heating jacket

Gløde jackets, also known as heating jackets, are made of high-quality materials. We are for high quality jackets and clothing that can be used safely. The special carbon heating in the jacket is water resistant and can therefore also be worn during rain.

Heated body warmers, shirts and gloves

At Gløde we don't just sell electrically heated jackets. We also have a wide range of electrically heated body warmers, shirts and gloves .

The advantages of jackets with heating elements

Electrically heated jackets have several advantages. Here are some key benefits of electrically heated jackets:

  1. Comfort : Electrically heated jackets keep you warm even in cold conditions. This can help you stay outside longer and move more comfortably in cold weather.

  2. Health : Cold weather can lead to frostbite, hypothermia, and other health problems. Electrically heated jackets can help prevent these problems by warming your body and maintaining a normal temperature.

  3. Convenience : Electric heated jackets are easy to use and can be adjusted to different temperatures depending on your needs. You just need to turn on the heating and regulate the temperature with the remote control.

  4. Mobility : Electric jackets are easy to carry and use, meaning you can use them anywhere you want. This is especially useful if you often travel or have to work in cold conditions.

  5. Durability : Electric heating jackets are usually made of high-quality materials that last a long time, which means you can enjoy them for a long time. In addition, they are usually energy efficient and can be used with a normal power bank. This means less dependence on gas!

Our heated jackets receive an average of 4.9 from our customers