Collection: Cordless Heating Pad - Stay warm and relaxed wherever you want!

When it's cold outside, there's nothing better than a warm and comfortable pillow. The Gløde wireless heating pad offers the perfect solution for anyone who likes to feel warm and comfortable wherever they are. The pillow is wireless and equipped with an advanced infrared heating technology that ensures that you can quickly warm up and relax.

What is a wireless heating pad?

A wireless heating pad is a pad that works without a power cable. The cushion is equipped with a rechargeable battery that makes it possible to take the cushion with you wherever you go. The pillow also features an advanced heating technology that ensures that it heats up quickly and you can quickly enjoy the warmth.

What is Infrared Heating Technology?

Infrared heating technology is an advanced technology that transmits heat directly to the body. Unlike traditional heating systems that heat the air around, infrared heating radiates directly to the body. This ensures faster heating and more efficient use of energy.

How does the Gløde wireless heating pad work?

The Gløde wireless heating pad works on the basis of infrared heating technology and is equipped with an intelligent thermostat that ensures that the pad always remains at a safe temperature. The cushion is easy to operate and can be set to different temperatures. The pillow can be charged with a USB cable and offers up to 8 hours of use.

What are the benefits of a wireless heating pad?

A wireless heating pad offers many advantages. First, it is easy to carry and use anywhere. Secondly, it is safe and efficient to use due to advanced infrared heating technology and intelligent thermostat. Third, the pillow can help reduce muscle tension and relieve pain.

What Are Wireless Heating Pads?

Cordless heating pads are a new generation of heating pads designed to work without a physical cable. Instead, they use wireless technology, such as Bluetooth or infrared, to work. This means that the user is no longer tied to an electrical outlet and can move more freely while using the heating pad.

Advantages of wireless heating pads

There are several advantages to using wireless heating pads compared to traditional wired heating pads:

More flexibility and mobility

One of the biggest benefits of wireless heating pads is that they offer greater flexibility and mobility to the user. Since there is no cable restricting the user, he or she can use the pillow while lying in bed, sitting on the couch or even on the go.

Easier to use

Cordless heating pads are also easier to use than traditional corded heating pads. They often have simple controls that the user can operate with a remote control or via an app on his or her smartphone.


Because there is no cable to trip the user, wireless heating pads are generally safer than traditional cable heating pads.

More stylish and modern

Finally, wireless heating pads are often more stylish and modern than traditional cable heating pads. They are available in different colors and designs, making them more suitable for the room's decor.

Wonderfully warm!

Gløde's electrically heated cushions have been developed to keep you warm.