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Collection: Heated socks

Looking for heated socks? Then check out the electrically heated socks from the brand Gløde. No more cold feet with the heated socks from Gløde

The warmest electrically heated socks

You will find the warmest socks with heating in the Gløde range. We have various sizes in the range. Make sure you buy the right size so that it fits well on your feet and you can immediately enjoy the warmth.

Electrically heated socks

Best heated socks

Are you looking for the best heated socks? Then try the best heated socks from Gløde. If they are not quite what you expected, please let us know and we will look for a suitable solution.

Heated cycling socks

Our socks can be used in different ways. For example, it is possible to put on the heated socks during cycling, when you go for a walk outside, are skiing or just sitting on the couch with the heating turned down. Because both the left and the right sock are equipped with a small compact power bank, the socks can be heated separately from each other and you will not be bothered by the power bank.

Our heated socks receive an average of 4.9 from our customers

Gløde electric heated socks are an innovative product that enables people to keep their feet warm during cold days. This type of sock is equipped with electric heating elements that you can turn on using a small remote control.

The socks are made of breathable material that ensures that your feet stay dry. This is important because wet feet cool down faster than dry feet. In addition, the breathable material ensures that the heated socks are comfortable to wear, even if you keep them on all day.

With the help of the remote control you can switch the heating elements in the socks on and off and set the temperature. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the socks to your needs and circumstances. For example, if you go outside for a winter walk, you can turn up the heating elements to keep your feet extra warm.

There are several brands and models of Gløde electric heated socks available. For example, you can choose socks with built-in batteries or socks that you can charge using a USB cable. It is recommended that you choose socks that are easy to wash so that you can maintain and continue to use them.

If you are looking for a way to keep your feet warm during the cold winter months, Gløde electric heated socks are an excellent choice. They are comfortable, flexible and easy to use, providing a quick and effective way to keep your feet warm.